Hi all! I’m going to go on a 40 day fast from social media. In light of that, for those of you whose birthdays are anywhere between 20/10 and 29/11, have a blessed birthday! And for everyone, God bless you guys. I’ve been thoroughly blessed by everyone’s messages, whether or not they were intended to be edifying. I haven’t had the time to respond to all of them, but I see your prayer requests guys! I’m going to write them all down tonight and keep you guys in my prayers over the course of the forty days ^^ Ooh. Also. Somebody recently brought up that in my F21 post, I seemed to be condoning sexual violence under certain circumstances. I just wanted to clarify that I don’t. I definitely don’t agree with the music, but because the message wasn’t aimed at music producers but at the store, I felt it was necessary to play the devil’s advocate as well! Yez. I was recently discussing with my mom about how not even clubs should play music like that. Even more so in clubs or sex shops, because these are places that have the stigma of sex attached to them, and although I DISAGREE with pre-marital sex, if sex is going to be conveyed, then sex must not be conveyed as violent or political. The environment must give women and men the ability to say no if they don’t want to have sex, and mustn’t normalise abuse and rape as just a different form of sex. Yez. I thought I needed to clarify this. Oops. Anyway. I’ll see you guys in 40 days. God bless you all! I guess I’ll leave you guys with my verse-of-the-season!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

- Anonymous


thank you so much for your post on pornography..i'm a girl and i think i'm struggling with it too, it started with kissing videos and then i find myself going further and further down the road. every sunday i tell God that i will control myself better but i keep stumbling. i won't stop trying though but thank you for letting me know i'm not alone in this struggle. God bless you!
- Anonymous

Hey there! Praise God and YES DON’T GIVE UP! God hasn’t given up on you, and you’ve got more willpower than you think you do ^^

To the anon who said: "It's responses like yours that perpetuates the notion that Christians are uptight and irrelevant to culture". When did respecting women regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. become a 'Christian thing only'? Showing respect is plain & simple common sense & basic manners. No need to drag religion of any kind into it. And why should it be okay that there are people out there condoning/making money out of disrespecting women?
- Anonymous

Amen! Agreed! Although to be fair it’s nice to see this religion getting a good rep HAHA. Associating respect with Christianity is a pretty cool thing. But yeah! I agree. Let’s get organised-ly angry at disrespect towards women! It’s not okay!

I chanced upon your F21 article on facebook, and it led me here! I felt like i had to read on & i just wanted to let you know that youve been such a blessing with these posts, thank you :) May you grow more in Christ and keep the posts going! :)
- commingledsentience

Hey there! Thank you so much; to God be the glory ^^ God bless you and your friends too! Keep on shining His light in your life (~:

(continued) The way God has spoken to you that porn was a way of seeking intimacy, and seeking intimacy with Him will fill that void - man, that is a whole new perspective. Please pray for me, and to try to seek God more and to really have that deep, personal relationship with Him. Thanks :)
- Anonymous

Hey Emily! Wow. It’s honestly so encouraging to hear that because I was conflicted about putting that post up. But hearing that it helped you, and hearing how your WHOLE YOUTH GROUP came together to chat about sexual sins… that’s incredible. That’s amazingly courageous and inspiring, and wow. Wow. And YES I will keep you in prayer! God bless you (:

hey, i'm emily. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your girl problem post because that is exactly what I'm dealing with. You've put my struggle into words and I can't thank you enough for sharing this. Based on your suggestion, our youth group had a night where we shared all our sexual sins - and we did this anonymously. Accountability groups were made, but up until this point I still am not able to quit pornography. (continued next ask box)
- Anonymous


Hey, I really respect what you took the time to write to f21. on the other hand, could you maybe not generalize rap as a genre that promotes rape culture? Rap is an african-american genre that gets a lot more shit for misogyny than other genres that are equally misogynistic, mainly bc racism and stereotypes of black men as criminals and rapists. Not to say that many rap songs arent sexist, but think about what you're saying here. Again, I do agree with what you're saying about the music tho.
- Anonymous

Hey! Oh dear. I didn’t realise I made that generalisation, but looking over the post again now, I can see that I DID. I’m so sorry. I definitely didn’t intend for it to come out that way. I agree!! I’m terribly sorry. Below is a link to an article that does a really great comprehensive job of summing up misogyny as a general issue in the music industry. And yes! Rap isn’t the only genre. Thanks for the tip!


(Continued) and she's a believer too... I just feel being so fixtated on our body image draws us away fr God and puts us in a worldy mindset.. But I know it's not my part to judge and everyone is sinful.I know you won't be able to reply this since I don't have an Acc but just trying to build the wider network of Christians in SG :-) Anw God knows and sees ! :) have a blessed week ahead! - Sheryl
- Anonymous


Hmm I guess there are two ways of looking at it! On one hand, our body is the temple of God, and staying fit could be a way of showing reverence to God. On the other hand, too much focus on attaining a perfect body (if that exists) might make us forget that God made us in His image, and there’s no way to seem more beautiful to Him.

I’ll keep you and your friend in prayer! And hopefully you see this Sheryl~ God bless you beautiful!

Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog (mostly cos of the circulation of your f21 letter) and well... Thank you for your bravery and commitment to write all those posts! I'm 16 and a Christian too, it's been really heartening to see how God has spoken to you and I pray you would only grow in intimacy with Him (: since you said this is for prayer requests too, I've been struggling to love a friend esp cos she's been rly into dieting/exercisin
- Anonymous

Hey! Nooo don’t thank me! It honestly doesn’t take much bravery and commitment to blog (^: but I’m really thankful that God can somehow work through less vocal people like me. And hey! YOU’RE SIXTEEN I’M SIXTEEN TOO ehe it’s always exciting to find like-minded people. 

I’ll keep you and your friend in prayer! If you don’t mind though, could I ask whether it’s because you don’t agree with the lifestyle or because she’s been ignoring you to pursue those things (or something else)? ^^